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Rhetoric is the strategic use of speech or other communication to teach, entertain and move an audience. As human invention, it is an aspect of the cosmic dance of creation and destruction, in which every symbolic act is both the beginning and end of possibility. This wiki serves the study of rhetoric by making key texts, references and information available to the servants of Peitho (the goddess of rhetoric). It covers three global areas of rhetorical knowledge: Classical studies (Ancient Mediterranean including Greco-Roman and biblical Near East); American Public Discourse; and Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, including pages on writing and style.

Older versions of some of these pages can still be found at the Zulick Home Page at Wake Forest University. Zulick Home Page was first published on the web in 1996. As the Web grew around us, it became more difficult to edit it using html even while the wiki and open source movements developed. Elements of the original site will be up as long as Wake Forest continues to host it. The decision was made to establish a wiki, and clone most of the information in wiki format. Our first wiki was established at a site then named wikia.com. But, once again the moving finger of Fate slid by us. Wikia grew into a fanzine site. Since students can hardly be expected to read and absorb the Ancients when confronted at every turn with trailers for the latest hot flicks, the Goddess was forced to pack her bags and move again, this time to wikidot.

The Goddess believes in the vox populi, the open source movement, the public availability of knowledge, and the ability of multiple users to improve content.

Users can help by editing and adding pages and commentary where indicated.

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These indexes list the pages on this site including notes, primary rhetorical tests, and bibliographies in the areas of Greco-Roman and other Ancient rhetorics (China and Ancient Middle East); Contemporary Rhetorical Theory and Criticism; and American Public Discourse.

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