Political Eulogies and Public Funerals

The political eulogy is one of the most common hybrid genres in political speech. A political eulogy may be delivered by a public figure at the time of a significant death or disaster with deliberative as well as ceremonial affects.

There are also from time to time public funerals, where the deceased is someone whose life must be marked publically due to the magnitude of their public ethos.

Eulogy Bibliography


Political Eulogies: Texts

Individual speeches that have the aspect of a political eulogy.

Bill Clinton, Columbine Shooting
Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, Speech on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address
Barack Obama, Newtown Address, 16 December 2012.
Ronald Reagan, Challenger Address
Daniel Webster, Commemoration of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, 02 August 1826.

Public Funerals

Maya Angelou, Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, 07 June 2014

Eulogies from the Maya Angelou Memorial Service

Michelle Obama, Eulogy for Maya Angelou

Senator John McCain, National Cathedral, Washington DC, 01 September 2018.

Complete Video. NBC News Youtube Channel.

Eulogy Texts

George W. Bush, Eulogy for Senator John McCain.
Henry Kissinger, Eulogy for Senator John McCain.
Meghan McCain, Eulogy for Senator John McCain.
Barack Obama, Eulogy for Senator John McCain.
Queen Elizabeth II, Eulogy for Princess Diana

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