Index of Bibliographies

This index takes you to the many bibliographies that have been hand-compiled by scholars for use by student and scholar rhetoricians.
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A - M

Aristotle: General Sources
Aristotle's Rhetoric: Commentaries and Textual Criticism
Civil Rights
Civil Rights from the Civil War to World War II: Before the Civil Rights Movement
The Classical Mode in American Public Discourse
Constitutive Rhetoric
Cultural Studies and Ideological Rhetoric
Critical Theory, Controversy, Publicity and Counter Publicity
Eugene Debs
Dramatism and the Rhetorical Burke
Dialogism and the Rhetorical Bakhtin
Ethos, Pathos, Voice and Persona
Eulogy: Rhetorical Sources
Federalists and Anti-Federalists
Feminist Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
Genre Theory and Criticism
Greek Rhetoric
Identification Theory
Ideograph Theory and Criticism: Sources
John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address
Legal Rhetoric
Malcolm X: Rhetorical Sources
Martin Luther King: Rhetorical Sources
Memory and Commemoration
Musical Rhetoric

N - Z

Rhetorical Persona
Plato: Rhetorical Sources
Plato's //Gorgias//: Rhetorical Sources
Plato's //Phaedrus//: Rhetorical Sources
Political Advertising
Political Rhetoric
Presidential Debates
Non-Presidential Debates
Presidential Inaugural
Presidential Nomination Acceptance Sources
Presidential Rhetoric: General and Comparative Sources
Presidents A to Z
Prophetic Rhetoric
Revolutionary Mode
Rhetorical Situation
Roman and Late Hellenistic Rhetoric
Semiotics, Post-structuralism and Critical Rhetoric
Shakespeare and Rhetoric
Sophistic Rhetoric
Speech Writing (Presidential)
Style in General and Levels of Style
Visual Rhetoric
Rhetorical Voice
War Rhetoric
Womans Rights to 1920

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