Index of Topics and Articles


Topics organize materials available on the RhetoricalGoddess wiki by topic. A typical "topic" page will include links to primary texts, bibliographies, and articles on this site. There are three global topics always available from the sidebar: American Public Discourse, Antiquity, and Rhetorical Theory and Criticism. In addition there are many smaller "hubs" defining particular theories, orators, and areas of rhetorical practice. These are listed here.

Abolition of Slavery
Aesthetic Rhetoric
Rhetorical Criticism of Apologia.
The Rhetorical Aristotle
Augustine of Hippo
The Rhetorical Kenneth Burke
Foundations, Constitutions, Declarations
The Rhetorical Eugene Debs
The Rhetorical Frederick Douglass
The Rhetorical Benjamin Franklin
Genres and Genre Theory in Rhetoric
Gorgias of Leontini
Impeachment and the American Presidency
The Rhetorical Martin Luther King
The Discourse of Labor
Rhetoric of Law
The Rhetorical Lincoln
The Art of Logos
Narrative Theory in Rhetoric
The Rhetorical Plato
Political Rhetoric and Debate
Presidential Rhetoric
The Rhetorical Ronald Reagan
Religion in American Public Discourse
Documents of Secession
The State of the Union Address
Woman Suffrage and Womans Rights
Women in Politics


In addition to topical hubs, there are many articles on individual topics on the site. Articles might be on a single subject and contain original writing on the page on that subject, as well as links to related RG pages and external links.


Anaphora (Rhetorical Scheme)
Antithesis (Rhetorical Trope)
Chiasmus (Rhetorical Scheme)
Ethos in Aristotle and Beyond
Epistrophe (Rhetorical Scheme).
Alexander and Herennius: Two Handbooks Compared
How to Find a Speech
Ideographic Analysis
Irony (Rhetorical Trope)
Kenneth Burke Roadmap
Metaphor (Rhetorical Trope)
Metonymy (Rhetorical Trope)
Modes of American Public Discourse
Musical Rhetoric


Rhetorical Persona
Political Eulogies and Public Funerals
American Public Trials
Slavery and Compromise: A Rhetorical History
Timeline of Emancipation Discourse to 1870
Timeline of Emancipation Discourse from 1865
Timeline of Rhetoric in the Ancient World
Tropics and Metaphor Analysis
Writing Rhetorical Criticism

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