Index of Primary Texts

This page is an alphabetical listing of primary rhetorical texts on the Rhetorical Goddess wiki for easy access.

A - G

Adams, John Quincy. On the Gag Rule, 09 January 1837.
Adams, John Quincy. On the Gag Rule, 06 February 1837.
Amendments to the Constitution of the United States
American Anti-Slavery Society, Constitution.
American Anti-Slavery Society, Declaration of Sentiments.
Anthony, Susan B. "Is It a Crime for a U. S. Citizen to Vote?"
Austin, James T. On the Murder of Lovejoy
Barclay, Robert. "Fifteen Propositions".
Bingham, Caleb. "Extract from an Oration on Eloquence".
Bumpers, Dale. Defense in the Clinton Impeachment Trial.
Calhoun, John C. On the Reception of the Abolition Petitions, 06 February 1837.
Chaplin, Charlie. Closing Speech from The Great Dictator.
Chapman, John Jay. Coatesville Address.
Clay, Henry. Report of a Speech to the American Colonization Society.
Clinton, William Jefferson. "I Have Sinned".
Clinton, William Jefferson. State of the Union, 1999.
Constitution of the United States.
Debs, Eugene. "The American Movement".
Debs, Eugene. Address to the Jury
Debs, Eugene. Canton, Ohio Address.
Debs, Eugene. "The Issue".
Debs, Eugene. Statement to the Court.
Douglass, Frederick. "We Have Decided to Stay".
Douglass, Frederick. On Woman Suffrage.
Douglass, Frederick. "What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?"
Dubois, W. E. B. Niagara Movement Address.
Federalist no. 9
Fell, Margaret Fox. Womens Speaking Justified, Proved and Allowed by the Scriptures.
Franklin, Benjamin. Advice to a Young Tradesman.
Franklin, Benjamin. On the Constitution.
Garrison, William Lloyd. Editorial "To the Public."
Garrison, William Lloyd. "No Compromise with Slavery".
Garrison, William Lloyd. Peace Declaration.
Gompers, Samuel. Speech to the AFL.
Grimke, Angelina. Speech in Pennsylvania Hall.
Grimke, Sarah. Response to the Pastoral Letter.

H - M

Henry, Patrick. Speech at the Virginia Ratification Debate.
Hyde, Henry. Summation of the Prosecution in the Clinton Impeachment.
Jefferson, Thomas. Letter to Demeunier.
Jefferson, Thomas. Letter to John Holmes.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines. Gulf of Tonkin Address.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Inaugural Address.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Berlin Wall Address.
Kennedy, Robert Fitzgerald. Address on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr..
King, Martin Luther. "I Have a Dream".
LeGuin, Ursula K. "She Unnames Them".
Lincoln, Abraham. Cooper Union Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. First Inaugural Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. Gettysburg Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. "A House Divided.
Lincoln, Abraham. Sanitary Fair Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. Second Inaugural Address.
Mandela, Nelson. First Inaugural Address.
McCain, John. Concession Speech.
McCain, Meghan. Eulogy for Senator John McCain.
Mott, Lucretia "The Law of Progress".

N - Z

Nixon, Richard M. "Checkers" Speech.
Obama, Barack. Marriage Equality Ruling.
Obama, Barack. State of the Union 2015.
Obama, Barack. Victory Speech, 4 November 2008
Pastoral Letter of the General Association of Massachusetts (Congregational).
Phillips, Wendell. On the Murder of Lovejoy.
Plessy v. Ferguson Excerpts.
Reagan, Ronald. Challenger Address.
Reagan, Ronald. First Inaugural Address.
Reagan, Ronald. "A Time for Choosing".
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. First Inaugural Address.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Pearl Harbor Address.
Sarachild, Kathie. A Program for Feminist "Consciousness Raising".
Seneca Falls Declaration
Spies, August. Address to the Court.
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. "The Solitude of Self".
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Position Paper on Women in the Movement.
Suffrage Amendments to the Constitution
Washington, Booker T. Atlanta Exposition Address.
Washington, George. Farewell Address.
Wilson, Woodrow. Address To a Joint Session of Congress Requesting a Declaration of War against Germany.
Woolman, John. Journal, Extracts.

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