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Why "RhetoricalGoddess"? It's relatively short, easy to spell, and memorable. It honors the spirit of Persuasion, the muse of all who study rhetoric. And…

Once upon a time I moved from Evanston Illinois to Winston Salem NC, to start my "first" job at Wake Forest University. Once having set foot in this place that felt like home, I never really cared to leave. Many in the Wake Forest family know of what I speak.

When I unpacked my boxes, I discovered that the friends who had helped me pack up, most particularly E. Anne Laffoon, had written "Rhetorical Goddess" on the boxes mailed to my new office. Not only that… news of the "Rhetorical Goddess" had spread past my department and as far as the university library. I couldn't have had a more memorable calling card. (Needless to say, I am not the goddess, merely one of her many devotees).

In honor of that small inspiration I christened this wiki. Thanks to the many students and scholars who have contributed to it over the years.

Meg Zulick

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