On Chiasmus and Antimetabole

All our sources agree that while antimetabole is an inversion of repeated words in successive clauses, chiasmus is an inversion of parallel grammatical structures only. Nevertheless, in critical practice it has become so common to use chiasmus for both types that many expert critics will understand you when you say chiasmus and not have the faintest idea what antimetabole is. The easiest way to understand it is to think of antimetabole as a special sub-class of chiasmus. Rarely, however, do you need to make such a distinction. When in doubt, use chiasmus.

Definitions and Links

"Antimetabole: Repetition of words, in successive clauses, in reverse grammatical order. Chiasmus: Reversal of grammatical structures in successive phrases or clauses." [1].

Notes on Chiasmus Chiasmus is also related to a tactic featured under arrangement known as the inclusio or envelope pattern, whereby a text exhibits repetitive structures moving outward from a central point, often notated ABC-C'B'A' and so forth.


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