American Public Discourse

American Public Discourse


Timeline of Emancipation Discourse from 1865


American Presidents A to Z
Civil Rights

Primary Texts in American Public Discourse

On this page the texts are loosely grouped topically by the American emancipation discourse of which they were a part. Where a speech can be defined as belonging to multiple topics it is duplicated. Please see the Index of Primary Texts for a complete alphabetical listing by author/title.

Abolition of Slavery

American Anti-Slavery Society, Constitution.
Douglass, Frederick. "We Have Decided to Stay"

Civil Rights

Dubois, W. E. B. Niagara Movement Address.
Washington, Booker T. Atlanta Exposition Address.

Founding Documents

Constitution of the United States
Amendments to the Constitution


Debs, Eugene. Canton, Ohio Address.
Debs, Eugene. Statement to the Court.
Spies, Albert. Address to the Court


Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Inaugural Address
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Pearl Harbor Address.

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