Foundations, Constitutions and Declarations

This page organizes materials related to the United States Constitution and other Founding Documents.

Founding Documents

Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the United States
Bill of Rights
Amendments to the Constitution
Suffrage Amendments to the Constitution

Speeches on the Constitution

Federalist no. 9
Benjamin Franklin. Speech on the Constitution
Patrick Henry. Against the Constitution

Other Constitutions and Declarations

American Anti-Slavery Society. Constitution of the American Anti-Slavery Society.
American Anti-Slavery Society. Declaration of Sentiments
American Equal Rights Association. Constitution.
Declaration of Sentiments of the Woman's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, NY, 18-19 July 1848.
See also Documents of Secession for Declarations of Secession from the Union.

Web Resources

Constitution of the United States. America's Founding Documents, National Archives.
Constitution Annotated: Analysis and Interpretation of the U. S. Constitution. Library of Congress.
Constitutional Sources Project.
The Founders' Constitution. University of Chicago Press and The Liberty Fund.
Founders Online. National Archives.
The Federalist Papers. Library of Congress Web Guide.
National Constitution Center.


Federalists and Anti-Federalists

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