Political Rhetoric and Debates

Political rhetoric often involves the use of persuasive language, emotional appeals, and logical arguments to influence the opinions and beliefs of the audience. Debates, on the other hand, involve a structured discussion between two or more parties, where they present and refute arguments in a formal setting.

This page organizes notes, texts, bibliographies and online resources relating to electoral politics and political debates. Material related to American Presidents should be filed under Presidential Rhetoric.

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Churchill, Winston. "Blood, Tears, Toil and Sweat".
Clinton, Hillary Rodham. "Women's Rights are Human Rights", Speech to the United Nations 4th World Conference on Women, 05 September 1995.
Clay, Henry. Speech to the American Colonization Society.
Franklin, Benjamin. On the Constitution.
Henry, Patrick. Against the Constitution.
Hill, Anita. Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, 11 October 1991.
Jefferson, Thomas. Letter to Nicolas Demeunier.
Jefferson, Thomas. Letter to John Holmes.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association, 12 September 1960
Lincoln, Abraham. Cooper Union Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. "A House Divided".
McCain, John. Concession Speech, 04 November 2008.
McCarthy, Joseph. Response to Edward R. Murrow, 6 April 1954.
Nixon, Richard M. The "Checkers" Speech.
Obama, Michelle. Speech to the Democratic National Convention, 25 July 2016.
Reagan, Ronald. A Time for Choosing.
Webster, Daniel. Commemoration of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, 02 August 1826.

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