Presidential Rhetoric

This page organizes notes, texts, web resources and bibliographies on presidential rhetoric. For other political rhetoric see Political Rhetoric and Communication. For the Constitution and other founding documents see Founding Documents.

Topical Notes

The Rhetorical Lincoln
Impeachment Rhetorics
The Rhetorical Ronald Reagan


Clinton, William Jefferson. "I Have Sinned"
Clinton, William Jefferson. State of the Union, 1999.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines. Gulf of Tonkin Address.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Berlin Wall Address.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Inaugural Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. First Inaugural Address
Lincoln, Abraham. Gettysburg Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. "A House Divided.
Lincoln, Abraham. Sanitary Fair Address.
Lincoln, Abraham. Second Inaugural Address
Mandela, Nelson. First Inaugural Address as President of South Africa.
Obama, Barack. Marriage Equality Ruling.
Obama, Barack. State of the Union 2015.
Obama, Barack. Victory Speech, 4 November 2008
Reagan, Ronald. Challenger Address.
Reagan, Ronald. First Inaugural Address.
Reagan, Ronald. "A Time for Choosing".
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. First Inaugural Address.
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Pearl Harbor Address.
Washington, George. Washington, George. First Inaugural Address.
Washington, George. First Annual Address to Congress on the State of the Union.
Washington, George. Farewell Address.
Wilson, Woodrow. Address to a Joint Session of Congress Requesting a Declaration of War against Germany.

Web Resources

The American Presidency Project.
American Presidents: Life Portraits. C-Span.
Commission on Presidential Debates.
Compilation of Presidential Documents. GPO.
Presidential Libraries. National Archives.
Public Papers of the Presidents. Federal Register Publications and National Archives.
Washington Papers. University of Virginia.
Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington. Mount Vernon.


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